Thieves Spray

A dirty table at the park where your kids are eating, a crusty book from the library, something sticky on the movie theater arm rest, a big snotty sneeze from your kid all over your favorite bag, and WORST of all…………..a PORTA POTTY!!!!!!  We have all been in situations where we, despite our best efforts to avoid them, are forced into gross, germy circumstances.  I now have the solution!

Thieves SprayThieves Spray is an essential oil spray used to clean and freshen up anything  and everything around you!  Its plant-based ingredients make it safe to use on all surfaces, including children (just avoid eyes)!  Its size makes it very easy store at home or take anywhere for a fast, cleansing spray at any moment!

I use this stuff ALL. THE. TIME.  Because I am such a germophobe, I have a bottle in my car, in several rooms of my house, and in each bag I own.  Luckily for me, a 3-pack came free with my order this month, just for being an ER member!  Thanks, Young Living! 

Here are my favorite things to spray:

At Home:

~door knobs

~TV remotes


~light switches



~school bags/lunch boxes


~pretty much anything touched by a kid, especially a “germy” one

At the Gym

~ free weights




When we Travel

~everything on a plane


               ~seat belts

              ~ tray tables

              ~arm rests


             ~a spritz in the air… because we always sit next to “sneezy” or “coughy”

~everything in a Hotel Room

                ~TV remote


                ~pillow cases


                ~coffee machine

Out and About

~movie theater seats

~restaurant tables

~public bathrooms/ porta potties

~library books

On Hands After

~the playground

~the zoo

~an amusement park

~before a snack

~ a cough or sneeze

BUT my most favorite use for this spray is stain removal!  I have used thieves spray to get stains out of clothes and furniture, even set in stains!!  Simply spray the stain with thieves, rub it in, and wash as soon as possible.

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