This video says it all!  In his debut YouTube performance, my son, Danny, talks about the Young Living essential oil blend, PanAway.  (He was part of an essential oil 101 class taught by kids.  It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!)  If you haven’t yet, watch the video for great information on how and why to use this blend!  Warning: prepare yourself for cuteness overload!!

As stated so well by Danny, my two most favorite uses for PanAway are:

  • to soothe sore muscles after a tough workout
    • You know that feeling when you’ve just had a great workout, but you’re dreading the soreness that will soon follow?  Don’t fret!  Get a bath ready for yourself, add a cup of Epsom salt mixed with several drops of PanAway, and soak those overworked muscles!  If baths are just not your thing, grab a some coconut PanAwayoil, add several drops of PanAway and massage it into your muscles. The soothing benefits of the oils combined with the massage will feel amazing!
  • to ease the discomfort of (sorry gentlemen, but I’m going there…) menstrual cramps
    • Ladies, you know what I’m talking about!  In the video, Danny mentioned that I rub Panaway on my belly once a month…well, it’s more like 5-7 days a month!  It helps SO much!  The trick is to have PanAway handy at all times, because it works best at the very onset of the cramps.  Mix it with some coconut oil and smear it all over your lower stomach and/or back.  Wait a few minutes and voila, no more cramps!  You’re welcome!





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