Jingle brought some Christmas Spirit

Our Elf on the Shelf, Jingle, arrived as usual the morning after Thanksgiving.  But this year, he brought with him some Christmas Spirit, LITERALLY.

Every Elf on the Shelf has a personality of its own, which is determined by the creativity and motivation level of the parents.  Some elves are jolly and generous.  They have tea parties with Barbie, leave merry notes around the house and even bring small gifts! Some, elves on the other hand, are very mischievous. They make a mess playing in flour snow, have mini marshmallow snow ball fights with a Darth Vader action figure, or leave green pee in the toilet. (I am looking forward to seeing some fun, new ideas from my creatively motivated friends this year!)

Jingle, luckily, is rather chill.   Maybe that’s why we happen to love him so much.  He’s a “no muss, no fuss” kinda elf.  Our boys, Danny and Dylan, don’t really expect too much from him. He simply lands in a different spot some where around the house every morning (well, almost every morning…oops!) and the boys look forward to finding him.  Jingle has been with us for five years and he totally works as a lingering threat of coal in their stockings…..eerrr, I mean, totally reminds the boys to be on their best behavior!

This year I tried something new!

As I mentioned before, Jingle came ready to spread some Christmas Spirit!  I must have had a surge of creativity while carefully choosing a spot for his annual debut.  I got the festive idea to sprinkle a few drops of Christmas Spirit essential oil blend on him, as it’s a favorite oil in our house, especially this time of year!  OMG, did he smell good!  I wasn’t really expecting the boys to notice, just thought it would add a nice Christmassy touch.

Just like past years, the excitement in the boys eyes when they first saw Jingle was magical.  Of course they went right over to him, and Danny, excitedly shouted, “Wow, Jingle smells like Christmas Spirit!”  Well, I guess someone did notice and so did Dylan AND my husband (who doesn’t notice much…)!  The area surrounding Jingle was filled with the sweet, spicy and uplifting scents of Christmas.  It certainly added to the joy of the moment!

Elf on the Shelf Tip

Oily Tip: If (for some reason) Christmas Spirit is not your thing, try a different oil or blend on your elf!  I bet Peace & Calming blend might be helping this time of year, or maybe even Stress Away!  Choose your favorite oil and give your elf a little extra “magic” this year!

Oily Tip II: Be sure to pour the oil on the red part of your elf.  A drop of Christmas Spirit fell on Jingle’s white collar, and because of the orange oil in it, left a small stain.

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