How I got hooked on Young Living Essential Oils

It all started when my friend, Melody, invited me to an essential oil, party (featuring a different company). I had never heard of essential oils, but went anyway to support my friend.  Well, I left that party thinking I had wasted a perfectly good Sunday afternoon listening to a random lady talk about how little bottles of oil had helped her family stay healthy and happy.  I didn’t buy it for a second…

Fast forward a few weeks to when we adopted a cat.  I just couldn’t resist her little face!  Turned out, she came with more than just a cute face….she also came with ringworm.  Ugh!  Ringworm is a fungal infection, which can be passed onto humans.  It is very contagious and extremely hard to get rid of.  For some reason, the only thing I remembered from that essential oil party was that oregano oil had a strong anti-fungal property.  I was so desperate for this ringworm to not spread through out my house, I googled oregano oil.

Research pays off

During my research, I read endless testimonies about, not only oregano oil, but SO MANY OTHER OILS!  How had I never even heard of these oils before?? I read, and read, and read about how essential oils have helped countless people in so many ways.  I couldn’t stop reading, thinking maybe that random oil lady wasn’t so crazy after all!  It was then, I was convinced I needed to have oregano oil, and just about every other oil out there.

I immediately contacted Melody and asked how I can get my hands on some oils….but I didn’t want just any essential oils, I wanted Young Living Essential Oils!  As I was doing my research, I found out that there are quite a few essentail oils companies out there, BUT, they are not all created equal!  Young Living stood out to me for its products, purity and the tons of positive testimonies I had read!

Great Minds Think Alike

Turns out, Melody discovered Young Living through her own research and had alreay become a member!  Needless to say, Melody became my Young Living enroller.  I soon recieved my first starter kit and my family has never been the same…in the best way possible!

It took time, many chats with my “upline” members, a lot research of my own, and trial and error to figure out just how to use each oil in the most effective way.  But now that I have it down, it’s like second nature in our house.  My boys know to apply immune boosting blends to their feet every night and a focus blend before school in the morning.  They fill their own bedroom diffusers with calming oils before bedtime.  Even my husband, who thought I was turning into a crazy voo doo mom, has become dependent on these oils!   Since starting oils, we have had far less visits to the Dr., better sleep, reduced tantrums, and our house smells amazing!

After witnessing the positive changes in the health and wellness of my family, I began experimenting with oils designed for fitness gains.  And, of course, I was ecstatic with the results, not that I was surprised, these oils had already proven themselves to me!  I began using essential oils for my workouts and while I teafile-page1ch my classes to boost my energy level, help me stay focused, support my respiratory system, and ease sore muscles after a tough class.

Wondering how you can you get your hands on a starter kit?

Enroll as a Young Living member and order one!  Start making positive changes in your family’s lives.  As your enroller, I will be here to walk you through the process and any questions you may have! Luckily, I have exclusive access to tons of information, as well as an incredible network of oilers that has also experienced the benefits of using essential oils.  We can Be strong, Oil on together!


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