If you need energy, then you need EN-R-GEE!

Young Living’s en-r-gee is a blend of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper essential oils.  You can apply it topically on the bottoms of your feet and the back of your neck, or diffuse it.  It’s name pretty much says it all.  If energy is what your looking for, then en-r-gee is what you need!

We all know the feeling of the midday slump–low energy, feeling weak, constantly yawning, moodiness.   Well, en-r-gee oil may help to lessen those feelings of fatigue, enhance mental awareness and promote increased blood flow!  All of these responses are beneficial to getting out of that slump and being productive, especially during a workout!  So, instead of desperately reaching for that midday cup of coffee for a quick pick me up, give this awesome oil blend a try!

Fitness Tip

I love to use this blend about a half hour before a workout.  It’s the boost I need especially on days when I double up on workouts.  I prefer to rub it on the bottoms of my feet, because of it’s (umm…unpleasant) smell.  My best description of its aroma would be a sweet, minty, earthy, peppery smell.  I know…weird, right?  But, I have actually grown to like it.  However, I do feel it’s best to keep that scent contained in my sneakers!

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Mom Tip

I have my boys do household chores often.  It not only teaches them Enegryresponsibly, but also to respect our home.  (But mostly, I do it so I can hand off the jobs I hate, like wiping the base boards or scooping kitty litter.)  Here’s my tip -Get your kids involved in cleaning your house.  Diffuse en-r-gee (with a little peppermint to mask the smell) while you’re all cleaning.   With that burst of vitality and focus, your house will never look better!  You’re welcome!  😉

Leave a comment if you’ve tried en-r-gee and love it, too! Contact me if you need some en-r-gee in your life!



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