Getting Back to Jacked- Oiling up for Exercise

Back to Jacked

When returning after a hiatus from exercise, especially after an injury and rehabilitation, it’s very important to start slowly.  Our bodies need time to readjust to the demands of exercise.  It is crucial that we listen to our bodies, and resist the urge to jump right back in where we left off.  (This is very easily said, but, unfortunately, not easily done…for me, at least.)  However, now that I’ve been cleared to get back to my regular workouts, it’s time to get Back to Jacked!

My family and I use Young Living Essential Oils Every. Single. Day.

Those little drops of goodness help to support our immune systems, keep us focused, promote good sleep, and even help to support the healing of everything, from minor boos-boos to surgery incisions!  But one of my favorite benefits of oils comes before, during and after my workouts. I have compiled a little army of oils that help me fight through any workout.  And these oils have been ready and waiting to be called to the front line again!

Oiling up

First up, a daily “shot” of Ningxia Red, because staying healthy is not only a key element in any fitness program, but in everyday life as well!  I am also relying on these two – En-R-Gee and Fitness, for some pre-workout motivation!  Both of these blends are designed to get you through the most challenging workouts!  And after six workout-less weeks, everything is going to be a challenge!  Also on hand, are the oils and products that help soothe sore muscles. Cool Azul Sports Gel is staple in my gym bag, for the initial “pain” that occurs after a tough workout.  And to get through lovely phenomenon that is DOMS (delated onset of muscle soreness) my Ortho Sport Massage Oil Deep and Relief Roll-On are waiting nearby.



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