Thieves Spray

Thieves Spray

A dirty table at the park where your kids are eating, a crusty book from the library, something sticky on the movie theater arm rest, a big snotty sneeze from your kid all over your favorite bag, and WORST of all…………..a PORTA POTTY!!!!!!  We have all been in situations where we, despite our best efforts to avoid them, are forced into gross, germy circumstances.  I now have the solution!

Thieves SprayThieves Spray is an essential oil spray used to clean and freshen up anything  and everything around you!  Its plant-based ingredients make it safe to use on all surfaces, including children (just avoid eyes)!  Its size makes it very easy store at home or take anywhere for a fast, cleansing spray at any moment!

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Christmas Spirit

Christmas Spirit


Young Living’s Christmas Spirit is a blend of orange, cinnamon bark and spruce essential oils.  Orange essential oil promotes an uplifting and calming feeling. Cinnamon bark essential oil has a warm and enticing fragrance.  Spruce essential oil helps to break down emotional barriers to encourage a relaxing feeling.  Its like holiday bliss in a bottle!

When these oils are blended, its aromatics can make any day feel like “its the most wonderful time of the year”.  Its a deliciously sweet and spicy aroma that my family just cant get enough of.  We diffuse it through out the whole year!  Besides the fact that it smells amazing, it just makes us all happy!  And a family that is happy together, stays together! Continue reading “Christmas Spirit”

How I got hooked on Young Living Essential Oils

It all started when my friend, Melody, invited me to an essential oil, party (featuring a different company). I had never heard of essential oils, but went anyway to support my friend.  Well, I left that party thinking I had wasted a perfectly good Sunday afternoon listening to a random lady talk about how little bottles of oil had helped her family stay healthy and happy.  I didn’t buy it for a second… Continue reading “How I got hooked on Young Living Essential Oils”

Getting Back to Jacked- Oiling up for Exercise

Getting Back to Jacked- Oiling Up for Exercise

Back to Jacked

When returning after a hiatus from exercise, especially after an injury and rehabilitation, it’s very important to start slowly.  Our bodies need time to readjust to the demands of exercise.  It is crucial that we listen to our bodies, and resist the urge to jump right back in where we left off.  (This is very easily said, but, unfortunately, not easily done…for me, at least.)  However, now that I’ve been cleared to get back to my regular workouts, it’s time to get Back to Jacked! Continue reading “Getting Back to Jacked- Oiling up for Exercise”

If you need energy, then you need EN-R-GEE!


Young Living’s en-r-gee is a blend of Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Balsam Fir, Clove, and Black Pepper essential oils.  You can apply it topically on the bottoms of your feet and the back of your neck, or diffuse it.  It’s name pretty much says it all.  If energy is what your looking for, then en-r-gee is what you need!

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Fitness Oil Blend


Young Living’s Fitness is a blend that can offer the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.  It’s stimulating aroma is both mentally and physically invigorating.  It can be applied topically or diffused.  I always use this blend when I know I’m up against a tough workout.  I love its smell, so I apply it to the insides of my wrists, hoping to get a whiff of it every now and then!

The really cool thing is that it comes with an affirmation: I am fit, healthy, disciplined, and strong.  So get your Fitness on, say this affirmation and conquer your workout like a champ!

Have you tried Fitness?? Write a comment to let me know how Fitness has helped you kick butt! If you would like to try fitness, contact me!


Ningxia Red

Always Fully Stock with Nignxia Red
 Always Fully Stocked

I make sure to NEVER run out of Ningxia Red!  Its the perfect start to our day and we reap the benefits all day long.  Imagine how good you’d feel if you had all the nutritional goodness found in oranges, carrots, broccoli, spinach, blueberries, strawberries and apples in one small serving?  Yeah, that’s why I make sure to never run out! 

One of the most important ingredients in this drink is the wolfberry.  The wolfberry is well known for its amazing health benefits.  It supports a healthy immune system, helps cellular and muscular functions work properly, keeps energy levels up, and provides a daily dose of antioxidants.  In other words, it is good for all the systems in your body! 

Did I mention its yummy deliciousness?  It has a rich, sweet and tangy flavor.  Even my picky boys love the taste.  And because we call it “wolf”berry juice, they howl like a wolf after they drink it! (It’s super cute!) 

Although Ningxia Red is beneficial on it’s own, it can be customized with just a few drops of your favorite vitality essential oils!

My favorite shot includes 2 drops of thieves oil, for extra immune support, and 1 drop of black pepper oil, for some added energy!  Try one of these shots, or create your own recipe!

Ningxia Red
Try these Ningxia Red “Shots”

Hello and Welcome

Well Oiled Muscles
Welcome to Well Oiled Muscles! If you came here expecting to see some glistening, chiseled and tanned bodies…sorry to disappoint you.  I am here to chat about fitness and essential oil, get it?…Well Oiled Muscles!

I will be sharing fitness tips, workout ideas and how to use essential oils to enhance your family’s health and wellness!  I am dedicated to keeping myself and my family fit and happy.  Our bodies benefit so much from regular exercise, from weight management, to a balanced body composition, to emotional stability.  Why wouldn’t I encourage this every day, not only as a fitness professional but as a mom, too?  As dedicated as I am to staying fit through exercise, I am just as committed to using essential oils (and I only use Young Living oils) as part of our daily wellness routine.  Essential oils have been around for thousands of years and provide extra support to all systems of our body.   Combining the power of essential oils with a balanced exercise regimen is my secret to living a strong and happy life!

Be Strong, Oil On

I was inspired to start this blog after my surgery, when I wasn’t able to workout for six weeks, SIX whole weeks!  I know, I know, six weeks is not that long, but I am a very consistent exerciser.  I would even say I’m a workout-aholic.  Group classes are my “drug” of choice- the music, the motivation, the camaraderie, the competition and the different formats drew me right in for the long haul.  I LOVE challenging my body, LOVE sweating, LOVE the stress relief, LOVE feeling strong, and LOVE looking strong. So, to lose all of that was difficult for me.  Thankfully, with the help of essential oils, I healed quickly and stayed positive through those six weeks.  It was during this time, I truly became aware of just how much my body relies on exercise and oils!

Check back often for my favorite quick and effective workouts to get your heart pumping and muscles working, and see which Young Living products I will highlight to go along with them!  Do I have you a little intrigued???  Want to know more about how Young Living Essential Oils can help you and your family?  I’d love to answer your questions and guide you through the amazing world of oils! I am hoping to inspire you to start building your Well Oiled Muscles!

Find out more About Me, How I got Hooked on Young Living Essential Oils, and my journey from Teacher–>Mom–>Fitness Professional



About Me

About Me


My name is Beth Landi.  I have a wonderful husband, Dan, and 2 awesome boys, Danny and Dylan.  These guys are my WORLD, most of my life revolves around them and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The rest of my life (and theirs, by default) is dedicated to keeping us fit and healthy and to Young Living essential oils!  This works out well because these two things go hand in hand! I am a very habitual person by nature; I am most comfortable with consistency, routine and schedules! Turns out, exercise and oils, also, work best when used as part of consistent routine and schedule!  It’s a win/win for me and my family! 

I currently work as a Fitness Instructor and a Young Living distributor.  I live a strong and happy life by training hard and oiling often.  Let my passion for fitness and essential oils help you live a strong and happy life, too! 

Be strong, Oil On