Surgery to fix “The Leak”

Ah, my surgery…not the most pleasant topic to discuss, but definitely worth it!  I’ve found that the more I spoke up about my embarrassing issue, the less embarrassing it became.  Apparently, Stress Urinary Incontinence (leaking pee) is more common than I thought!  Many women, especially moms, suffer, in some severity, from it.  Because of my story, a few of my friends are now looking into the surgery for themselves!  You’re welcome, ladies! Continue reading “Surgery to fix “The Leak””

About Me

About Me


My name is Beth Landi.  I have a wonderful husband, Dan, and 2 awesome boys, Danny and Dylan.  These guys are my WORLD, most of my life revolves around them and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The rest of my life (and theirs, by default) is dedicated to keeping us fit and healthy and to Young Living essential oils!  This works out well because these two things go hand in hand! I am a very habitual person by nature; I am most comfortable with consistency, routine and schedules! Turns out, exercise and oils, also, work best when used as part of consistent routine and schedule!  It’s a win/win for me and my family! 

I currently work as a Fitness Instructor and a Young Living distributor.  I live a strong and happy life by training hard and oiling often.  Let my passion for fitness and essential oils help you live a strong and happy life, too! 

Be strong, Oil On