6 Moves for a Cute Booty for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Whether you’ll be walking proudly with your beau by your side or strutting your stuff to get noticed…it’s time to tone up your booty and legs with these 6 moves.

Perform each move for 30 seconds without stopping.  Take a 10 second rest between each 30 second round.  Repeat at least 1 time.

1 – Squats – 30 sec.

With your feet hip width apart, and toes forward, bend your knees into a squat. Keeping your chest up and weight in your heels, stand back up pushing through your heels and squeezing your glutes.

    -hold squat, tap your right foot out to the right and back in – 30 sec., then left foot- 30 sec.

 2- Squat Jumps- 30 sec.

With your feet hip width apart, and toes forward, bend your knees into a squat.   Explode up,  jumping off the ground.  Land softly, bending knees back into a squat.  Repeat.

3- Alternate Reverse Lunges- 30 sec.

From standing position with your feet hip width apart, take a big step backwards, bend knees to 90° lowering your body straight down, push back up through heel of your front foot to straighten knees and return to standing position. Alternate legs.

hold lunge with right foot back, tap right foot in and back -30 sec. Repeat taps with left foot back- 30 sec.

4- Alternate Jump Lunges- 30 sec

Step forward into a lunge with your right foot.  Jump straight up switching legs in midair, and landing back in a lunge with your left leg forward.  Alternate legs.

5- Alternate Curtsy Squats – 30 sec.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Cross your right leg behind you and to the left. Bend both knees to 90 degrees, keeping your toes and knees pointing forward. Return to starting position and switch legs.

      -hold curtsy squat with right  foot back, tap right foot from side to side behind front leg – 30 sec. Repeat taps with left foot back – 30 sec.

6- Skaters – 30 sec.

Start in a shallow squat position. Jump sideways to the left using your right leg and landing on your left foot.  Keep your left knee bent. Bring your right leg behind to your left ankle. Switch sides using your left leg to jump to the right and bring your left leg behind your right ankle.

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