20 minute Tabata Workout

When you only have a short amount of time for a workout, you need easy and effective!  Try this equipment free workout that will get your heart pumping and muscles working!

What is Tabata?

Tabata is a type of high intensity interval training.  Each Tabata round is 4 minutes long, alternating between 20 seconds of super hard work (that’s the high intensity part) and 10 seconds of rest (this allows you to recover a bit for the next cycle of work, that’s the interval part).  Because this is a high intensity workout, it is recommended for an intermediate to advanced fitness level.  Tabata has gained popularity in the fitness world because of it’s easy to follow format and it’s efficiency.  I use it often in my classes, either as a single round for a cardio burst, or as a  whole class format, completing 8 rounds.

Tabata workouts are ideal to do anywhere, anytime!  It is my go to when I travel or need a fast and effective workout at home.  There are many Tabata timer apps and Tabata songs that can be download to make timing the cycles easy.  I, personally, love the Tabata albums from powermusic.com.

Oily Tip

To enhance your workout, add a few drops of lemon to your glass water bottle, rub some en-r-gee oil on the bottom of your feet and pour some fitness oil in your diffuser!


Ok! Make sure to wear the proper footwear, have enough room space, and remember to take breaks when needed. Now, put your Tabata music on or start your timer and GO!

20 minute Tabata workout

Cycle 1– Alternate between Jumping jacks and Jump Rope (no rope needed, just pretend you are holding one!)

(It works like this- jumping jacks, rest, jump rope, rest, jumping jacks, rest, jump rope, rest, jumping jacks, rest, jump rope.)

Cycle 2-Alternate between Push Ups and Mountain Climbers

Cycle 3-Alternate between Squat Jumps and Quick High Knees

Cycle 4 -Alternate between Triceps Dips and Crab Kicks

Cycle 5– Alternate between Bicycle Crunches and Plank Hold



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