Jingle brought some Christmas Spirit

Elf on the Shelf Tip

Our Elf on the Shelf, Jingle, arrived as usual the morning after Thanksgiving.  But this year, he brought with him some Christmas Spirit, LITERALLY.

Every Elf on the Shelf has a personality of its own, which is determined by the creativity and motivation level of the parents.  Some elves are jolly and generous.  They have tea parties with Barbie, leave merry notes around the house and even bring small gifts! Some, elves on the other hand, are very mischievous. They make a mess playing in flour snow, have mini marshmallow snow ball fights with a Darth Vader action figure, or leave green pee in the toilet. (I am looking forward to seeing some fun, new ideas from my creatively motivated friends this year!) Continue reading “Jingle brought some Christmas Spirit”

Teacher–>Mom–>Fitness Professional


Believe it or not, I wasn’t always as into fitness as I am now.  Working out was always a part of my life, but not always my passion.  What I have always been passionate about is teaching and helping others.  I started my career as an elementary teacher and LOVED it.  Setting up my classroom, meeting new students and families every year, even writing report comments was enjoyable (okay, okay not every report comment was enjoyable to write!).  However, witnessing the learning process and growth of so many children, was the real reward.  I taught for six wonderful years in various grade levels.  And because I am certified in three areas of education, I was able to also experience multiple classroom settings.  I thought being a teacher was what I would do until I retire.

……And, then I married the best man I know, and we had our first son.  That’s when my second “career” started. Continue reading “Teacher–>Mom–>Fitness Professional”

Ningxia Red

Always Fully Stock with Nignxia Red
 Always Fully Stocked

I make sure to NEVER run out of Ningxia Red!  Its the perfect start to our day and we reap the benefits all day long.  Imagine how good you’d feel if you had all the nutritional goodness found in oranges, carrots, broccoli, spinach, blueberries, strawberries and apples in one small serving?  Yeah, that’s why I make sure to never run out! 

One of the most important ingredients in this drink is the wolfberry.  The wolfberry is well known for its amazing health benefits.  It supports a healthy immune system, helps cellular and muscular functions work properly, keeps energy levels up, and provides a daily dose of antioxidants.  In other words, it is good for all the systems in your body! 

Did I mention its yummy deliciousness?  It has a rich, sweet and tangy flavor.  Even my picky boys love the taste.  And because we call it “wolf”berry juice, they howl like a wolf after they drink it! (It’s super cute!) 

Although Ningxia Red is beneficial on it’s own, it can be customized with just a few drops of your favorite vitality essential oils!

My favorite shot includes 2 drops of thieves oil, for extra immune support, and 1 drop of black pepper oil, for some added energy!  Try one of these shots, or create your own recipe!

Ningxia Red
Try these Ningxia Red “Shots”

About Me

About Me


My name is Beth Landi.  I have a wonderful husband, Dan, and 2 awesome boys, Danny and Dylan.  These guys are my WORLD, most of my life revolves around them and I wouldn’t have it any other way! The rest of my life (and theirs, by default) is dedicated to keeping us fit and healthy and to Young Living essential oils!  This works out well because these two things go hand in hand! I am a very habitual person by nature; I am most comfortable with consistency, routine and schedules! Turns out, exercise and oils, also, work best when used as part of consistent routine and schedule!  It’s a win/win for me and my family! 

I currently work as a Fitness Instructor and a Young Living distributor.  I live a strong and happy life by training hard and oiling often.  Let my passion for fitness and essential oils help you live a strong and happy life, too! 

Be strong, Oil On