Thieves Spray

Thieves Spray

A dirty table at the park where your kids are eating, a crusty book from the library, something sticky on the movie theater arm rest, a big snotty sneeze from your kid all over your favorite bag, and WORST of all…………..a PORTA POTTY!!!!!!  We have all been in situations where we, despite our best efforts to avoid them, are forced into gross, germy circumstances.  I now have the solution!

Thieves SprayThieves Spray is an essential oil spray used to clean and freshen up anything  and everything around you!  Its plant-based ingredients make it safe to use on all surfaces, including children (just avoid eyes)!  Its size makes it very easy store at home or take anywhere for a fast, cleansing spray at any moment!

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This video says it all!  In his debut YouTube performance, my son, Danny, talks about the Young Living essential oil blend, PanAway.  (He was part of an essential oil 101 class taught by kids.  It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!)  If you haven’t yet, watch the video for great information on how and why to use this blend!  Warning: prepare yourself for cuteness overload!! Continue reading “PanAway”

Twelve Days of Christmas Workout

Christmas Workout

The Twelve Days of Christmas Workout

On the first day of Christmas my trainer gave to me…

Are you singing the song in your head yet? Good, because that’s exactly how this workout works!

Do the First Day exercise (1 Star Jump).  Do the Second Day, AND First Day exercises (2 Side Lunges, 1 Star Jump).  Do the Third Day, Second Day and First Day exercises (3 Walk Out Planks, 2 Side Lunges, 1 Star Jump)…etc. Getting the hang of it?  Do the Twelfth Day round twice!

Put on your favorite Christmas music, diffuse some Christmas Spirit, rub on a few drops of en-r-gee, and add a drop of peppermint to your water!  Get ready to sweat! (Remember to take breaks when needed throughout the workout.)

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Jingle brought some Christmas Spirit

Elf on the Shelf Tip

Our Elf on the Shelf, Jingle, arrived as usual the morning after Thanksgiving.  But this year, he brought with him some Christmas Spirit, LITERALLY.

Every Elf on the Shelf has a personality of its own, which is determined by the creativity and motivation level of the parents.  Some elves are jolly and generous.  They have tea parties with Barbie, leave merry notes around the house and even bring small gifts! Some, elves on the other hand, are very mischievous. They make a mess playing in flour snow, have mini marshmallow snow ball fights with a Darth Vader action figure, or leave green pee in the toilet. (I am looking forward to seeing some fun, new ideas from my creatively motivated friends this year!) Continue reading “Jingle brought some Christmas Spirit”